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CPL Filter for DAB202 and DAB205 -Capture Your Action- Capture Your Action - 1

CPL Filter for DAB202 and DAB205

$ 16.95

Cut down on reflections and glare and add color saturation with a CPL filter.  This CPL filter kit will fit the DAB202 and DAB205.  Kit includes the adapter ring, the CPL filter and a rubber gasket. The gasket creates a tight friction fit for the adapter ring onto the camera lens.  CPL filters block about 1 F-stop of light.

Please note: this is a kit that Capture Your Action has put together to offer an easy and economical CPL for DAB202 and DAB205 users. This is not a name brand kit manufactured by Dome or any other manufacturer.

Checkout a video of how well it diminishes the reflections.  Video is for CPL demonstration purposes only as the Dropbox viewer severely degrades the video quality.  First video is the CPL adjustment.  Second video is without CPL attached to the lens.


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