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Vico-Power PLUS Dash Camera Power Management Device -VicoVation- Capture Your Action - 1

Vico-Power PLUS Dash Camera Power Management Device

$ 58.95

Power-PLUS is a power management device that connects your dash camera to your battery.  It continuously provides power after you've turned the engine off and monitors our battery status. Power-PLUS detects car battery status to cut-off power to prevent car battery from being drained (discharged).

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Power Plus provides multiple protection to have better safety coverage, including:

1. Low Voltage protection
2. Over Temperature protection
3. Timer protection
4. Over Current/Surge protection

Low Voltage protection

Power-PLUS will periodically auto-detect your battery voltage status, to cut-off the power if the voltage drops below the configured value (11.6/11.8/12.0/12.2/12.4V or 23.2/23.4/23.6/23.8/24/24.2/24.4/24.6V) to prevent car battery becoming excessively discharged.

Over Temperature protection

During Summer daytime, inner car temperature raise extremely high if you left your car outside with direct sunlight. Over temperature operation might damage your dash cam. Power-PLUS built-in thermo sensor will cut-off power if temperature exceeded setup value. (Off /50°/55°/60°/65°/70°/75°C) *(Off /122°/131°/140°/149°/158°/167°F)

Timer protection

If you switch into Timer mode, Power-PLUS will cut-off power when time out, based on your setup schedule (2/6/12/24/48/72hrs).

Over Current/Surge protection

Power-PLUS will detect abnormal over current status and cut-off power to prevent any damage on dash cam device. Additionally, Power-PLUS built in with an extra fuse box (2A), to have extra protection if anything goes wrong as incorrect installing or short circuit.

The Perfect Power Device for Smart Parking Mode!

Vicovation Marcus series Dash Cam built in Smart Parking Mode function, providing full protection / continuous recording when car parked. Power-PLUS is the best companion to enable this continuous monitoring function.

Built-in Digital Display/Backlight LED, easier to monitor/control

Backlight LED enables users to have clear display of car-battery voltage monitoring and setup control, even at night. It’s easier to setup configuration with 3 handy control buttons with clear LED friendly display.

Compatible with all kinds of Dash Cameras!

Power-PLUS is 100% compatible with all Vicovation production, and also it’s compatible with other dash camera/black box DVR which are equipped with a standard cigar charger power supply. Please Note: Other Dash Cam/Blackbox DVR may not include the Smart Pakring Mode function.

Multi Input Power Type, DC12V/24V all in one

No matter your car is running DC12V or 24V battery, Power-PLUS will auto-detect the voltage input to display different programmable menu setting. It’s automatic.

Multi-Swtich to Select Normal mode and Timer mode

Normal mode provides low voltage and over temperature protection at the same time. Timer mode provides original both low voltage and over temperature, also additional timer cut-off when schedule time out. There is a switch on the right side of Power-PLUS for you to switch under different condition.

Programmable Settings, fitting your car environment

Users can select it’s own suitable parameter in different cut-off voltage, temperature, and time. It’s all clearly displayed in comprehensive menu and friendly user interface.

Main Switch to Select Activate/Bypass for Different Parking Environment/Situation

You may select Power-PLUS power output depending on different parking environment/situation. For example, you may switch to “Bypass” while parking at home garage for saving memory space and car-battery power. And switch to “Activate” while parking outside/unfamiliar place, co-working with Smart Parking mode for parking surveillance.

Switch to Activate: Power-PLUS provides power output to Dash Cam while engine on and also engine off, simultaneously with cut-off protection based on low-voltage/timer/over-temperature.
Switch to Bypass: Power-PLUs provide power output to Dash Cam ONLY when engine on (ACC on). When engine off (ACC off), Power-PLUS provides NO power to Dash Cam.

Low Voltage protection: 11.6/11.8/12.0/12.2/12.4/12.6V or 23.4/23.6/23.8/24/24.2/24.4/24.6V

Over Temperature protection: Off /50°/55°/60°/65°/70°/75°C or Off/122°/131°/140°/149°/158°/167°F

Timer protection: 2/6/12/24/48/72 hrs.

Over Current/Surge protection: Detects abnormal over current status and cut-off power to prevent any damage on dash cam device. Additionally, Power-PLUS built in with an extra fuse box (2A), to have extra protection if anything goes wrong as incorrect installing or short circuit.

Built-in Digital Display/Backlight LED: Enables users to change settings and monitor the car battery voltages during the night. It’s easier to setup configurations with 3 handy control buttons with clear LED display.

Input interface

  • Positive (B+) Yellow (with B+ tag)
  • ACC Red (with ACC tag)
  • GND Black (with GND tag)
  • Cable length 150cm (around 5 ft.)

Output interface

  • 1-hole Cigar Socket
  • Cable length 150cm (around 5 ft.)


  • Located on B+ (250V/2A)


  • 12~24v (Car Battery Power)
Rated Output Voltage
  • 12~24v

Output Current

  • Below 100µA (0.1mA)

Standby Current (Leakage Current)

  • Below 100µA (0.1mA)

Voltage Offset Adjustment Setting

  • 0.1/0.2/.0.3/0.4/0.5/-0.1/-0.2/-0.3/-0.4/-0.5v

Cut-off Voltage Setting (input)

  • 11.4v ~ 12.6v (+-0.1V)
  • 11.4 / 11.6 / 11.8 / 12.0(default) / 12.2 / 12.4 / 12.6
  • 23.2v ~ 24.6v (+-0.1V)
  • 23.2 / 23.4 / 23.6 / 23.8 / 24 / 24.2(default) / 24.4 / 24.6

Output Recovery Voltage (Restoration)

  • Cut-off Voltage +0.2v or more

ACC Restore Reboot

  • Act. / Off

Output Cut-off Timer Setting

  • 2 / 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 72 hrs.

Over Temp. Cut-off Setting (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

  • Off /50°/55°/60°/65°/70°/75°C
  • Off /122°/131°/140°/149°/158°/167°F

Output Recovery Temp. (Restoration)

  • Cut-off Temp -5°

Operation Temp.

  •  -20℃~ 75℃ (-4°F~167°F)


  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Timer Protection
  • Over Current/Surge Protection

Control Keys and Switches

  • Activate/Bypass Main Switches
  • Normal/Timer Mode Switches
  • Menu/Select/Ok Keys



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