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Rhundo RS-21S 3-Way Car 12V Splitter/Charger + 2 USB Ports + Remote Switch

Rhundo RS-21S 3-Way Car 12V Splitter/Charger + 2 USB Ports + Remote Switch

$ 28.95

The Rhundo RS-21S is a 3-way car cigarette port splitter, allowing charging and/or operation of multiple electronic items at the same time.  It also has 2 USB ports which can supply 2.4A each (3.4A total).  The RS-21S has a wired remote touch sensor switch, which allows the user to turn the 3 12V ports on and off individually plus an on/off switch for the USB ports.  There is a master switch on the side of the remote that powers the whole unit on/off.  

Dash camera users whose vehicles have cigarette ports that are always live will find RS-21S of particular interest.  There is an auto-off feature that allows the user to set a timer, between 1-120 minutes, which will automatically shut off any devices connected to the RS-21S after the engine has been turned off.  The RS-21S does this by monitoring the voltage at the 12V port during which the vehicle is running (usually around 14+ volts) and when the engine is off (usually around 12 volts).  When it senses the change in voltage, the timer starts.  The high and low voltage points are adjustable.  

The is also an optional temperature cable that plugs into the bottom USB port that will monitor ambient temperature and automatically shut the unit off if the temperature rises above a set limit.


Motorized appliances with very high power, such as tire inflators etc. are not suggested to operate on this device. These appliances may draw several times their normal full-load current the moment they are turned on, which is likely to cause permanent damage to the device despite the availability of overload protection circuit.

  • The Touch Sensor Power Switches allow you to turn on/off the power for each of the three extended outlets or USB ports with a touch of a finger.
  • Adjustable brightness allows you to choose between 9 levels of brightness for the backlighting of the switches.
  • The Start-up Delay feature allows you to specify the length of delay, between 1 and 30 seconds, before the device switches on.
  • Auto Power-off allows you to specify the length of time, between 1 and 120 minutes, until the device will automatically power off after the engine shuts off. This feature is especially useful for vehicles with an "always on" type of cigarette lighter socket.
  • Manually or Automatically switching between the four display modes: 1) car battery voltage, 2) USB output Amp reading, 3) Timer and 4) Temperature (optional, requires temperature sensor).
  • Temperature Display (Optional, requires temperature sensor)
  • Power status memory for the Touch Sensor Switches & The Master Power Switch.
  • Both the four touch sensor power switches and the master power switch are capable of remembering their ON or OFF status when the device is powered off and restore to their previous status when the device is powered up again.

• Input Voltage: DC 10V-25V
• Load Capacity for Outlets: 6A(˜72W) for Single / 9A (˜108W) for Total
• USB Output (Max): DC5V, 2.4A (Single) / 3.4A (Total)
• Overload Protection for the Outlets
• Overcurrent Protection for The USB Ports
• Low Voltage Warning
• Start-up Delay Timer: 1-30 Sec
• Automatic Power-off Timer: 1-120 Min
• Temperature Display Range: -50°C+120°C
• (BDP) Battery Discharge Prevention / Low Voltage Cut-off, Selectable: 11.0V-14.0V

  • RS-21S
  • Cables Clips
  • Adhesive Mounting Tape (2 pcs)
  • 10A Fuse
  • Manual

 The RS-21S is the upgraded model of the RS-20S, but the features and functions are the same.


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