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About Us

Capture Your Action is a small company where we strive to give each customer the satisfaction of buying from their local “mom and pop” storefront in Downtown Anywhere. Just about everyone that we know has dabbled here and there with photography for one reason or another: vacation, friends, social media, starting a family, career needs and much more. When I bought my first home, my brother bought me one of those rockets that you can fire up with a camera inside to take an aerial photo of your property. For me, it was supposed to be a goofy photo of us all at a 4th of July party. Well, it’s now more than a decade later, and that rocket is still up in a tree on the undeveloped portion of my land. I could easily use a quad-copter to take a better image, and it wouldn't be a one-shot deal.

Capture Your Action is committed to good customer service, the best quality and affordability we can provide, a wide product selection, as well as cameras and accessories that will serve anyone from a car owner on a small budget wanting to protect his investment with a dash cam to the extreme sports enthusiast who wants to document his or her adventures for a blog or simply to have for bragging-rights in the office on Monday mornings. Of course, if you are going to do extreme stunts, you’ll want the best possible images for your money, so you should try the AEE Technology S71T Plus.

After years of online shopping, we have seen the best and the worst that any number of online companies can give a customer. Our goal at Capture Your Action is to always leave our customers wanting to do business with us again. To that end, if you have any questions or concerns about an order, an item we sell, something specific you’d like for us to make available to you, or help in selecting the right product for your budget, please reach out to us at our Contact Page.  We will reply as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t have to wait to begin to Capture Your Action!



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