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Why Should I Have a Dashcam?

Do you have a dashcam?  If yes, you can probably list about a dozen examples of how it saved you money, provided entertainment or simply paid for itself in both capacities. If not, you’ll want to read this blog and then get started on your shopping.

Dashcams are increasing in popularity in the US and Canada for many reasons. The number one factor is traffic accidents. This is really self-explanatory because who wouldn’t want proof of exactly what happened in a car accident? I can tell you who – the driver at fault!

In the image above, you'll see a big chunk of what appears to be granite sitting in the middle of the fast lane on 495 Northbound in Massachusetts. It looked like someone had already hit it and did damage to their vehicle.  The Jeep in front of our car was able to drive right over it, but we didn't have the clearance needed to do that.  Thankfully, we managed to dodge around it.  If I was behind the vehicle that this chunk of stone fell off of, my car would have likely been totaled.  The driver of the truck may never have even noticed it happening or may not have realized that he lost part of his cargo.  Thankfully, this didn't happen.  If it had, I would have the video from my dashcam showing exactly what happened, as well as the license plate information for the other vehicle(s) involved.

Let’s take dashcam security to the next level of necessity: You want to earn some extra money, and Uber or Lyft is looking for drivers in your area.  It seems simple, doesn’t it?  Do you feel safe letting strangers into your car or having your child or spouse driving around collecting and transporting strangers who could potentially end up being dangerous? The simple solution is to buy a dashcam that can record what is happening both inside and outside of your vehicle simultaneously for enhanced security. If I were a criminal looking to potentially rob or assault my car service driver and noticed a camera recording what was happening, I’d move on to a different target.  The Curve QB6 and the Transcend DrivePro 520 are two dual lens HD cameras that we offer.  If you drive for a car service, you should consider placing a sign in your vehicle stating that the interior is being recorded for security purposes.  This signage, when combined with a dashcam, would hopefully help to enhance driver safety.

Having learned how to drive on the streets of Massachusetts and many years of driving in and around Boston, I’d love to have video footage of some of the entertaining/scary things that I’ve seen. With a dashcam, you can have just that! Is there alien life crossing the road in suburban NH? Well, you’ve now got a video that the Feds will want to discredit, don’t you?

According to this 2014 America's Best Drivers Report in which Allstate reviewed 200 US cities for driving safety, Boston ranked 199th, making it the second-worst of the 200 cities studied.  The average Boston driver will have a traffic accident once every four years. I’ve been lucky to have escaped that statistic, but I’ve seen some doozies.

Remember that awesome license plate you saw? Nope. Neither did I before I installed my dashcam! Were you held up on the way to work while a rafter of wild turkeys crossed the street…just days before Thanksgiving? We were!

(Fun fact: Do you want to know what to call groups of things like turkeys?  Check out this list!)

In closing, there are too many uses for dashcams to list here. If you don’t already have one or are looking to upgrade, visit us at We have dashcams for every budget, and we are happy to help you figure out which model would work best for your individual needs. You’ll want to keep your dashcam running 24/7 because you never know what it may record, and you don’t want to miss the shot when Big Foot goes running across the expressway in front of your minivan! Send us your favorite dashcam stills; if we feature your image in our blog, you will be rewarded with a discount coupon for your next purchase with us.

Get out there and start Capturing Your Action today!!!

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