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Viofo A129 Pro Firmware

Firmware updates for Viofo A129 PRO dash camera.  This includes the A129 Pro DUO.

Caution!  Incorrectly installing firmware can cause your camera to become inoperable.  Sometimes permanently.  Firmware listed on this site comes directly from the manufacturer.  Install at your own risk and only if you feel confident in doing so. 

Do not try to install this on the regular A129 DUO camera!!  It won't install, but still, don't try!


A129 Pro Update Instructions:

Download the firmware file
Unzip (if needed) the FWA129P.bin file using available unzip programs, e.g. WinZip or 7-Zip
Copy the FWA129P.bin file directly onto the microSD card root file, not in any folders (card must be in Fat32 format - formatting the card inside the camera will make it Fat32).  Using a card reader is the recommended way to get the file onto the memory card.
Insert the microSD card into the camera and power it on via a 5V/1A power source, e.g. USB wall charger, cigarette lighter car adapter or power bank, it will start upgrade automatically.  Do not use your computers USB ports!
While upgrading, the front REC red LED starts blinking (the light blinks slowly at the beginning, then blinks quickly), when the lights stop blinking, that means the upgrade is finished. The camera will restart and the firmware file will be deleted automatically.
IMPORTANT!!  Now go into the menu and manually default your cameras settings.  Do not miss this step!
Once the camera restarts, use a paper clip, or something similar, and press the reset button on the side of the camera.  There is the letter R just above the reset button hole on the left side of the camera.  Press and hold for about 5 seconds.  This will clear the memory buffer.


Firmware: Version 2.8

Change Log:

1. Image Quality Optimization. 

2. Other bugs fixed.


Firmware: Version 2.7

Change log:

1. Optimized image quality and fixed the WDR issue

2. Other bugs fixed


Firmware:  Version 2.4

Change Log:

  1. Improve the firmware to fit the new WiFi module


Firmware:  Version 2.2

Change Log:

  1. Add 5GHz WiFi Channel option
  2. Support Norsk Language


Firmware Version V2.1 (Build 20200803)

Change log:

  1. Added 4K 21:9, 2K 30FPS + 1080P 30fps, 1080P 30fps + 1080P 30fps video resolution
  2. Added Parking Recording Timer option
  3. Added Enter Parking Mode Timer option
  4. Optimize looping recording in parking mode for slow card
  5. Fixed time-lapse recording issue while the memory card full
  6. Menu language translation update
  7. Parking mode recording solution fixed on FHD + FHD to better handle overheating


Firmware Version V1.1

Change Log:

1) Fixes camera freeze/crash when GPS is on and trying to connect to Viofo app.



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