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You don't need a drone...or do you?

First, what is a drone? The technical name is “Unmanned Aircraft System,” and I’m pretty sure that we all heard of them when the initial buzz started about Amazon using drones for deliveries, if not sooner. Starter photographic aerial drones can be purchased for under $200, and have infinite use possibilities.


Of course, everyone has probably thought, at one time or another, that it would be fun to see your home, town, school, business or people from the air, but what about your farm? A drone can easily and safely be used to check the health of crops in a short period of time, as opposed to you having to walk all of the fields during days that are already filled with hard physical labor. In a similar application, a security surveillance team could be reduced to one or two skilled drone pilots scanning the property in question.


Are you looking to buy or sell a home? A drone can give you more information about lot layouts in your price range or be another tool used with your creative flare that will take your real estate sales business to a whole new level of success! Both professional and amateur photographers are using aerial drones more and more to capture images that are positively stunning.  Photographers are now incorporating the use of aerial drones to give a new perspective to wedding day memories and other occasions.  For example, it might be fun to have aerial video footage of your multi-generational family photo shoot.  If you'd like to see some samples of the video that a drone can capture, check out this YouTube film by Epic Drone Videos.


Whatever your reason for getting a drone, we at want you to operate your drone with your own and others’ safety in mind, and also within the current airspace laws.  If you live in the United States, please check out the FAA’s Model Aircraft Operations page for information on safety and current laws for piloting your drone.


So, order your drone today, so you can get out there and start to CAPTURE YOUR ACTION soon!

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