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Rhundo RV-31 Dual Port Multi-function USB Car Charger with Touch Sensor

Rhundo RV-31 Dual Port Multi-function USB Car Charger with Touch Sensor

$ 12.95

The Rhundo RV-31 car charger turns your 12V cigarette port into a dual USB power station.  The ports supply 5V/3.1A and the top port supports fast charging devices.  

  • Touch Sensor Button: With the touch of a finger, the touch sensor button allows you to switch the unit on and off, configure the functions, switch between the 4 display modes, clear timer values, etc.
  • Fast Charging Supported: The top USB port supports current mainstream fast charging standards such as QC2.0/3.0, FCP, AFC, SFCP.
  • Temperature Display: You can connect an OPTIONAL temperature sensor cable to the corresponding jack on the unit so that it can display accurate temperatures.
  • The Power-on Delay Timer: This feature allows you to specify the length of delay time, between 1-30 seconds, before the device switches on each time it's connected to a power supply. 
  • Automatic Power-off Timer: If your vehicle comes with an always on type of cigarette port (12V port), the auto power-off feature allows you to specify the length of time, between 1-120 minutes, until the device powers off after the engine is turned off.  *It knows when the engine is off based on whether the alternator is charging the battery or not.  This is a great feature for use with a dash camera.
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: With this feature, you can set the RV-31 to turn off it's ports when the measured battery voltage drops below the selected voltage.  The threshold voltage value is configurable between 11.0V - 14.0V.  This is another great feature for use with a dash camera, for when you want the camera to run for a period of time after the car is shut off, but don't want to risk draining the battery.
  • High Temperature Cutoff: With the OPTIONAL temperature cable, you set at what temperature you want the device to automatically power down.  This is handy in the summer months, when the temperature inside your car can reach very high temperatures.

**The temperature cable is an optional item.  Under the model drop down menu, please choose if you want just the RV-31 or the RV-31 with the temperature cable.

Input Voltage: DC10 - 30V

USB 1 Output: DC5V-12V / 20W  (fast charging supported)

USB 2 Output: DC5V / 3.1A

Power-on Delay Timer: 1-30 seconds

Auto Power-off Timer: 1-120 minutes

Temperature Display Range: -58°F - 248°F  (-50°C - 120°C)




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