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Viofo CPL Filter For The A129 and A119 Series Dash Cameras

Viofo CPL Filter For The A129 and A119 Series Dash Cameras

$ 12.95
This is the newly redesigned Viofo CPL and is compatible with the new A129 dash camera.  Will fit both front and back cameras.
Add a CPL to your dash camera to cut down on reflections and add color saturation to your video.  This CPL will fit the A129, A129 Plus, A129 Pro, A119V3, A119, A119S, A119 Pro, A119 Mini and the A118C2.  This includes the DUO versions of these models as well as the DUO IR.
May require use of the wedge shaped mount for proper clearance (included with A119V3, A119, A119S and A119 Pro cameras).  Fits the A129 series as is.   **Please note:  this CPL was designed to fit the 2nd generation lens housing of the A119.  If your A119 has a slot on the top and bottom of the lens housing, this CPL will slide on and click in place.  For owners of the original housing, this CPL will still fit and work the same, but you will need find a way to secure it to the lens housing.  The CPL will fit, as is, on the A129, A119S, A119 Pro and A118C2.

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