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Dash Camera Hardwire Kit with Selectable Low Voltage Cutoff Points and miniUSB Connector

Dash Camera Hardwire Kit with Selectable Low Voltage Cutoff Points and miniUSB Connector

$ 9.95

This is a basic 2-wire dash camera hardwire kit with user selectable low voltage cutoff points.  Integrated dip switches can be set to turn the dash camera off when your vehicles battery reaches 12.2V, 12V, 11.8V or 11.6V.  This kit has a miniUSB connector.

Simple 2-wire connection.  Red wire can connect to an accessory fuse if you just want the camera to start and shut down with the cars engine or you can connect the red wire to a constant 12V power fuse and use the low voltage cutoff to shut down the camera at the selected voltage.  Black wire connects to the metal framing under the dashboard.  The use of a multi-meter to determine correct fuses is highly recommended. 

Red and black wires from the 12V to 5V converter box to the end that connects to the fuse box is approximately 2' 6" long.  The cable that runs from the converter box to the dash camera is approximately 8' 9" long.  The power cables to the camera are 22 gauge. 

Kit contains the 2-wire hardwire kit, a 90 degree miniUSB adapter and an adhesive pad to mount the converter box under the dash.  If you require a tap-a-fuse wire, please select the type you need under the options menu.  We currently stock Standard/ATO fuse taps, Mini fuse taps, Micro2 fuse taps and Low Profile Mini fuse taps.  Please be sure to inspect your cars fuse box to ensure you order the correct fuse tap type.

*If no dip switches are engaged, there is a default cutoff point at 11.8V.  Please note that there is a manufacturing tolerance of about .1V.  Our testing shows the kits to cut power at .1V higher than posted on the converter box, but each unit may vary. 



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