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Viofo HK3 3-Wire Hardwire Kit for the A119V3 and A129 Series Dash Cameras (sold or without a Tap-A-Fuse Kit)

Viofo HK3 3-Wire Hardwire Kit for the A119V3 and A129 Series Dash Cameras (sold or without a Tap-A-Fuse Kit)

$ 10.95

This is the Viofo 3-wire hardwire kit (HK3) specifically for the A119V3, A129, A129 Pro and A129 Plus series dash cameras.  This includes the DUO versions of these cameras as well as the DUO IR.  This kit is required if you want the camera to automatically and instantly enter parking mode once the vehicle engine has been shut off.

4 voltage cutoff selection points - 12.4V, 12.2V, 12V and 11.8V (24.8V, 24.4V, 24V and 23.6V if your vehicle has a 24V system).  Please note that there are variations in actual voltage shutdown points from kit to kit.  For example, the 12.4V setting may actually not shut down the camera until 12.3V...etc.  There is also a 90 seconds delay from when the kit senses the set voltage to when the kit actually shuts off the camera (this is by design).

Three parking mode recording options (in the settings): 

Auto Event Detection: Automatically record when detecting moving objects or impact while car is parked.  *Latest A129 firmware now allows for buffered parking mode.

Time Lapse: Photography at specified intervals so that they can be played back much faster than real time.

Low Bitrate Recording: Constantly recording video, but at a low bitrate to save storage space.

The overall length of the kit is about 13 feet (4 meters).  From the tap ends of the red, yellow and black wires (where they tap into the fuse box) to the converter box is about 3.25 feet.  From the converter box to the miniUSB plug is about 9.8 feet.

Your Viofo A129 camera MUST be running firmware V1.5 or later.  Firmware updates for the A129 can be found HERE.  All firmware versions of the A129 Pro, A129 DUO IR and A119V3 support the Viofo 3-wire kit.  Older versions of the A129 must be powered directly and not through the mount for the 3-wire and parking mode to function correctly.  If your experiencing issues, try applying power directly to the camera.  Newer A129's support the 3-wire kit being plugged in through the mount or direct to the camera.

Kits will ship USPS First Class for $5.99 (added at checkout), but shipping is free when purchased along with any dash camera (or any purchase over $49).

*There are 5 options to choose from.  You can purchase the 3-wire kit only or with any of the 4 Tap-A-Fuse kits we carry.  If you order with a Tap-A-Fuse kit, you will receive the Viofo 3-wire hardwire kit plus 2 of the Tap-A-Fuse wire kits of your fuse type, as the Viofo 3-wire kit requires you to tap into 2 different fuses in your vehicles fuse box.  Each Tap-A-Fuse wire with come with a 5A fuse.

Please be sure to know exactly which fuse type your vehicle has before ordering this hardwire kit with a Tap-A-Fuse kit.  We try to be as accurate as possible with fuse types, but there are many different types and names which tend to change depending on which resource your using.  Please see the picture below to identify your fuse type.  This is how we have labeled our Tap-A-Fuse kits.  Please contact Capture Your Action if you have any questions before purchasing.

**All three wires need to be connected for the kit to function correctly.


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