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Why Should I Have a Dashcam?

Do you have a dashcam?  If yes, you can probably list about a dozen examples of how it saved you money, provided entertainment or simply paid for itself in both capacities. If not, you’ll want to read this blog and then get started on your shopping. Dashcams are increasing in popularity in the US and Canada for many reasons. The number one factor is traffic accidents. This is really self-explanatory because who wouldn’t want proof of exactly what happened in a car accident? I can tell you who – the driver at fault! In the image above, you'll see a...

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You don't need a drone...or do you?

First, what is a drone? The technical name is “Unmanned Aircraft System,” and I’m pretty sure that we all heard of them when the initial buzz started about Amazon using drones for deliveries, if not sooner. Starter photographic aerial drones can be purchased for under $200, and have infinite use possibilities.   Of course, everyone has probably thought, at one time or another, that it would be fun to see your home, town, school, business or people from the air, but what about your farm? A drone can easily and safely be used to check the health of crops in...

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