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Viofo Industrial Grade MLC Memory Cards with Adapter

Viofo Industrial Grade MLC Memory Cards with Adapter

$ 17.90

Don't question whether your buying a compatible memory card for your new Viofo dash camera!  Buy a Viofo brand card to ensure compatibility!  These are industrial grade MLC cards, built for extended endurance in harsh conditions.

**Please note the specs marked on the card for each size card currently in stock as listing photos may differ slightly.

32GB cards are U1/A1/V10 rated.

64GB cards are U3

128GB cards are U3/A1/V30

256GB cards are U3/A2/V30

512GB cards are U3/A2/V30

Compatible with all Viofo dash cameras and GitUp action cameras.  Cards ship for free when purchased with a dash camera.


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